Rustam Minnikhanov holds a regular meeting of Interdepartmental Commission on issues of urban development in historical settlements

4 April 2018, Wednesday

On April 4, at the Interdepartmental Commission chaired by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Chief Architect of Kazan Tatyana Prokofieva introduced about 20 construction projects in historical part of Kazan. The members of the Commission considered and approved some of the projects, the others caused comments or were criticized.

Architect Oleg Maklakov introduced a draft concept of urban development “Riverside area of Kaban Lake” and told about the principles of building development based on the historical analysis and determination of the high-rise construction parameters.

Minnikhanov noted that the concept of development should take into account that the area around Kaban Lake will be one of the most attractive places in Kazan. “We need a concept that will preserve the historical appearance of our capital.  It is necessary to carefully consider this issue. We shall proceed from what we would like to see in 15-20 years, rather than from what we have now,” Minnikhanov said.

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