Parents paying alimony own their children more than 2.8 billion roubles in Tatarstan

13 August 2019, Tuesday

On August 13, speaking at a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic, Chief Bailiff of the republic Igor Bezuevsky said that the total amount of alimony debts of parents exceeds 2.8 billion roubles in Tatarstan.

A total of 20,000 citizens of Tatarstan are reported as debtors for alimony. Answering journalists’ questions, Bezuevsky clarified that the total amount of alimony debt exceeds 2.8 billion roubles in the republic. Since the beginning of the year, more than 1.3 billion roubles have been distrained from debtors’ revenue.

Almost 800 cases to search for debtors have been filed since the beginning of 2019. Investigative measures helped to search for more than 770 alimony non-payers. Administrative and criminal measures have been applied to them, some have already begun to pay.

Most often, debtors are men aged between 30 and 42 in Tatarstan.

It was noted at the meeting that, as a rule, alimony non-payers are people having an antisocial way of life.

About 2.5 thousand enforcement proceedings were initiated in relation to women who do not pay alimony. Debtors aged between 30 and 42 also prevail among them. About 20,000 of Tatarstan citizens have alimony debts at the moment.

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