Rustam Minnikhanov: Day of Workers of Agriculture and Processing Industry is a big and beautiful holiday

9 October 2018, Tuesday

On October 9, at the Korston Entertainment Complex, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in a solemn event dedicated to the Day of Workers of Agriculture and Processing Industry, where the best specialists of the agricultural sector of the republic, in particular, farmers, livestock breeders, machine operators, heads of the best regions and veterans of the industry gathered.

Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev took part in a solemn event.

Congratulating agricultural producers on their professional holiday, Tatarstan President said that the rural population is the backbone of Tatarstan and it will be further supported by the authorities of the republic.

The Day of Workers of Agriculture and Processing Industry is a big and beautiful holiday, Minnikhanov said. Today, we can confidently say that despite the weather and climate difficulties, we will harvest over 3,700,000 tonnes of grain, more than two million tonnes of sugar beet, about 1,800,000 tonnes of milk and more than 500,000 tonnes of meat. All these results are the work of those representatives of the regions who are here in this hall. These are livestock breeders, machine operators and the best specialists of the industry, Tatarstan President emphasized.

In his welcoming speech, Minnikhanov also noted that 450,000 private farmsteads, 4,600 farms and more than 1,200 family farms are operating in the republic. He also added that today, as many as 38 regional programmes are being implemented in the region, aimed at improving the quality of life, especially in rural areas.

This year, investments in agriculture amounted to about 18 billion roubles in Tatarstan.

He thanked investors for their contribution to agriculture. “This is a highly risky business,” Tatarstan President emphasized.

During the solemn event, Minnikhanov handed in state awards to the most distinguished workers of the industry.

Deputy Prime Minister of the republic – Tatarstan Minister of Agriculture and Food Marat Akhmetov also congratulated the farmers: “Sincere congratulations to you on our common holiday, the holiday of the rural way of life!”

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