Address of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on the occasion of the Russia Day

12 June 2019, Wednesday

Dear citizens of Tatarstan! I congratulate you on the Russia Day.

Having become a symbol of important socio-political transformations, it has embraced the supreme will and patriotic aspirations of citizens of the Russian Federation, bringing together representatives of various ethnicities and religions. Drawing strength in labor achievements, respect for its great history and spiritual traditions, strengthening and improving the military-defense potential, our country demonstrates great determination to continue to follow the path of progress and creation, regardless of external challenges and threats.

The example of multinational Tatarstan, which is one of the dynamically developing and investment-attractive regions of Russia, clearly proves that the well-being and power of our country grows mainly with the help of regions. High industrial and personnel potential, socio-political stability, interethnic and inter-religious harmony have been and remain the most important achievements and values of the republic.

Fully supporting Putin's policy of comprehensive development of the country and strengthening the welfare of citizens, we focus on the implementation of national projects, economic and social changes, provide priority support to education and science, health, sport and tourism, culture, actively interact with public associations and traditional religious organizations in solving common problems of development of citizenship, patriotism and revival of spirituality.

The victory of the republic in the 7th National Young Professionals Championship and preparations for holding the 45th WorldSkills Competition - the most important event of the year for blue-collar jobs are a vivid example of the general creative spirit.

KAMAZ Automaker, which is the flagship of the domestic automotive industry, celebrates its 50th anniversary with updated production facilities, full of plans and striving towards the future.

It is gratifying that oil, petrochemical, aircraft engineering and shipbuilding, information and a number of other enterprises also demonstrate growth dynamics.

I am sure that these and many other glorious achievements are the best gift for the main national holiday of Russia, which is celebrated today.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you good health, new labour achievements, peace, happiness and well-being!

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.

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