Rustam Minnikhanov: We need to change our attitude to problems in businesses

14 October 2019, Monday

On October 14, at the Pyramida Entertainment Complex in Kazan, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov chaired an expanded meeting of the Tatarstan Presidential Council on Entrepreneurship. More than 200 entrepreneurs, as well as heads of regional authorities, leaders of public business associations, heads of municipal regions, and people’s deputies of the State Council of the republic took part in the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Minnikhanov reminded that the Council has been operating for four years.  He continued that the main tasks remain unchanged, including improving the business climate and developing the investment potential of the republic.

“Our discussions allow us to find a solution to certain problematic issues that affect the development of entrepreneurship. In general, we want to change our attitude towards entrepreneurs and problems in businesses. For this purpose, we raise these issues, solve them at the regional level together with our municipal and regional colleagues,” Minnikhanov emphasized.

Tatarstan President noted that a number of problematic issues raised by entrepreneurs are relevant for businessmen throughout the country. “To address issues that are beyond our authority, we turn to our federal colleagues. I believe that this is a very effective form of work,” Minnikhanov added.

He also said that the development of entrepreneurship in the regions of Tatarstan is reviewed weekly at regional meetings. Moreover, this year Tatarstan is involved in a pilot project to introduce a new tax regime for self-employed citizens.

Speaking at the meeting, Tatarstan Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights Venera Kamalova reported on the results of the rating of business activity of Tatarstan. Sarmanovo, Baltasy, Tyulyachy, Laishevo and Saby regions demonstrated the best indicators among municipalities, while Atninsk, Leninogorsk, Apastovo, Aznakaevo and Kaybity regions are in the last line of the rating.

She also announced the results of a survey of entrepreneurs. The survey showed that as for the areas of business, the trade sphere is in the worst condition. “Here, entrepreneurs most often talk about a decrease in revenue, a drop in purchasing power and high competition. The trade sphere is poorly hired and invested as compared to other branches of industry,” Kamalova said.

According the survey, the situation in the field of production was accessed as the best one. “Entrepreneurs engaged in the manufacturing sector talk about revenue growth, willingness to invest and difficulties in obtaining financing more often than others. That is why they often apply for financing. However, unfortunately, the rejection rate is generally higher,” the speaker said.

The service sector is in the middle, which, according to Kamalova, is a good marker for determining the state of the economy.

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