Rustam Minnikhanov at an online conference for business “Adaptation technologies: how to survive and to grow?”: It is necessary to provide all measures to support business

1 April 2020, Wednesday

On April 1, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in an on-line conference for business “Adaptation technologies: how to survive and to grow?”

Anti-crisis conferences was launched by the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan together with the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Entrepreneurship  Factory project by order of Minnikhanov. The project was created to quickly adapt entrepreneurs to current conditions and is part of the business support ecosystem.

The format of the conference involves a direct dialogue with the largest players in various branches of industry, leading entrepreneurs and experts of the country.

The founder of the Entrepreneurship Factory project Aidar Bulatov opened the online conference. In particular, he said that the conference is interactive, registered participants can ask their questions in a specially created chat: how to take measures announced by the Government to support entrepreneurship, how to arrange deferral of loan payments, how the labour market works and what actions recruiting companies offer to work with staff, as well as questions on e-commerce.

Delivering his welcoming speech, Minnikhanov, said that it is necessary to find a form to support entrepreneurship in the current situation.

“The situation is difficult now and we need to provide all measures to support small business,” Minnikhanov said. “It is important to solve all emerging issues on a daily basis. I am always available. The authorities must respond to your questions. Every day I am ready to communicate with you and try to solve your problems with you. We will organize such communication. I want to wish you success and we will stick together. ”

Minnikhanov reminded that continuous production enterprises, life support enterprises are operating in the republic at the moment, as well as agricultural enterprises as the sowing campaign is in underway.

Director of the Department of Investment Policy and Entrepreneurship Development of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Milena Arslanova also joined the online conference. She told entrepreneurs when they will be able to make use of measures and actions announced by the President of Russia and the federal government.

People's Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ayrat Farrakhov told the conference about the current situation in the world.

Business leaders and owners shared their experience in resolving anti-crisis issues during the conference.

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