Rustam Minnikhanov has an on-line meeting with representatives of small and medium-sized business in the field of tourism

3 April 2020, Friday

On April 3, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov had an on-line meeting with representatives of small and medium-sized business in the field of tourism.

The on-line meeting was moderated by Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of of Tatarstan Sergey Ivanov.

During the meeting, chief executives of large hotel complexes in Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny asked Minnikhanov the most pressing questions regarding the current economic situation, as well as voiced a number of proposals.

Moreover, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova advised entrepreneurs on-line.

In particular, the top hotel managers are concerned about a significant decrease in income due to the minimal workload of hotels and health centres. Representatives of the tourism business proposed to revise downward the taxation amount of travel companies, hotels, health centres, tourist camps and other collective accommodation facilities.

Moreover, proposals were made to exempt from (defer) property tax and land tax for collective accommodation facilities, to revise the standards for the disposal of municipal solid waste based on its actual amount, to restructure existing loans, as well as to subsidize their interest rates.

In his turn, Minnikhanov, after listening to proposals from representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of tourism, asked the relevant ministries and departments to look into the issues in detail and to present possible options for supporting the tourism business.

“The situation is not simple,” Minnikhanov stated. “During this period, it is especially important to mobilize efforts, and most importantly, to retain staff members, not to leave people alone with their problems.”

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