Vladimir Putin to Rustam Minnikhanov: “I will certainly support your nomination as the head of the republic for the next term”

20 May 2020, Wednesday

On May 20, speaking at a meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, via videoconference, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov invited Putin to visit Tatarstan on the 30th of August to celebrate the Republic Day.

“According to your decree, ceremonies dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of our republic are planned this year. The main event will take place on the 30th of August – the Republic Day,” Minnikhanov said.

Over the past 20 years, you have done so much for our republic and we are grateful to you, Minnikhanov said, addressing the President of Russia.

Minnikhanov reminded that the republic is developing dynamically and is among the leading regions in terms of basic indicators.

“We strive to consistently advance the national interests of our country as part of foreign cooperation, including in accordance with your errands through the Strategic Vision Group “Russia - Islamic World”. We have a good basis for the implementation of the priority initiatives and projects formulated by you,” Minnikhanov said.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, I want to report that my term of office will expire in September,” Minnikhanov reminded. “I am sincerely grateful to you for your support and trust. I am always a member of your team. In case of your approval, I am ready to work further. It all depends on your policy. And thank you very much for the opportunity to work under your leadership!”

The President of Russia thanked Minnikhanov for previous periods of work as the President of Tatarstan and wished him success for the next period of office if elected as the head of the republic.

“I will certainly support your nomination as the head of the republic for the next term and I want, firstly, to thank you for the previous periods of work and wish you success in the future,” Putin said.

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