Rustam Minnikhanov visits the renovated Lebyazhye Forest Park

29 May 2020, Friday

On May 29, in Kazan, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited Lebyazhye Forest Park and got acquainted with the results of eco-rehabilitation of the lake system and land improvement.

The forest park was restored due to the efforts of Kazanorgsintez Chemical Company and TAIF Group of Companies. Under the project, a large-scale eco-rehabilitation of the cascade of Lebyazhye lakes was held. The drying Maloe Lebyazhye lake was cleaned and two previously lost lakes were recreated. During the work, the bottom of the lakes was deepened to 4-5 meters.

Minnikhanov was informed that special plants will be planted in the water bodies, that will contribute to the natural purification of the water. Tatarstan President proposed to involve students in environmental and water management in the biotechnical rehabilitation of lakes.

In summer, the lakes become a beach recreation centre with promenades, wooden floors, picnic areas, well-equipped rental areas and food pavilions. Lake Sukhoye Lebyazhye becomes a festival venue with its calendar of events.

Most of the forest park will operate as an urban forest, which means minimal impact on the environment, preservation of the existing pedestrian network and reforestation.

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