Rustam Minnikhanov congratulates citizens of Tatarstan on Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan

6 November 2016, Sunday

“Dear citizens of Tatarstan! I congratulate you on the state holiday - the Constitution Day. Twenty four years have passed since the Supreme Soviet of Tatarstan adopted the Constitution of the republic. This document embodied modern achievements of the legal thought, reflected considerable changes taking place in the life of the Tatarstan society.

I should note that the principal provisions of the Constitution have not changed over the last four centuries. Stability of the constitutional system is an important achievement of the state building of the republic.


Maturity of civil society is an important factor of success of the republic. The recent elections showed high level of public involvement. The Constitution provided necessary conditions for the development of public associations.

There are five thousand non-profit organizations and one thousand mass media agencies that reflect a wide range of public moods in the republic.

Dear friends!

We have achieved a lot. We are living in the society with high living standards and clear vision of social and economic reforms. This encourages optimism and confidence in the future of our native republic.

I wish you peace, kindness, wellbeing, happiness, and new achievements for the benefit of Tatarstan.”

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