Address of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge

1 September 2018, Saturday

Dear Tatarstan citizens!

I sincerely congratulate pupils and students, parents, teachers and educators, all workers and veterans of the Tatarstan education system on the Day of Knowledge!

For each of us, September 1 is not just the beginning of a new academic year, but a favorite holiday filled with acres of ​​flowers, a trill of school bells, teachers' smiles and a merry hum of children's voices. Every time, remembering our first meeting with the school, we are excited, having again the warmest feelings to our respected teachers and tender tutors.
The Day of Knowledge unites and brings together all the citizens of our great country of any age, social status, nationality and religion, so it is justly our national holiday. The school is the foundation, on which the whole of our civic building is built, and the future of Tatarstan and all Russia depends on how solid and durable it will be.
Modern social and economic realities dictate new requirements to the education system, focusing on the training of creatively thinking, highly qualified and competitive specialists. This is a priority task for Tatarstan as a dynamically developing, successful republic.

Solid knowledge should be laid and personality should be brought up, basic values ​​of citizenship and patriotism should be formed, love for the native language, culture and traditions of ancestors should be cultivated in school classes and university audiences under the single process. In the Year of Leo Tolstoy, celebrated in Tatarstan, the words of the great classic sound in a special way: “Both upbringing and education are inseparable. It is impossible to educate without sharing knowledge and any knowledge is bringing up”.

Tatarstan education is rightly considered to be the best in the country. The main credit for this progress goes to our teachers, the members of faculty, teachers of pre-school institutions and organizations of supplementary education.

Dear friends, I sincerely wish you unforgettable impressions of the journey to the fascinating world of knowledge and the joy of creative achievements. I wish you happiness, peace, well-being and prosperity! Happy holiday! Happy Knowledge Day!

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